Transform text into digital content

The book in a digital form consisting of text, pictures and which is readable on computers and other electronic devices is called as e-book. In a layman language it can be termed as a book which is an electronic version of printed book. It has all the features that a book has. This means that it can simply be termed as a substitute of other books (except for the fact that you cannot sleep on it!).

To buy a physical printed book you need to visit a store but eBooks can simply be downloaded through the internet. The price of eBooks is generally less than that of the printed books. It is because the publisher saves his cost of printing, binding and also there are no packing and shipping expenses etc. After you make the payment the seller either provides you a link in your email Id or directs you to the download page. After the book is downloaded you need not have internet connection to read the eBook. You can simply open the file on your device and can read it in offline mode, whether you’re reading about local businesses like this one:, or recent best sellers from here:

The eBooks are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They are easy, flexible and user friendly. Here are some of the advantages of eBooks over physical books which have made them choice of many. Take a look!

  1. CONSERVE THE ENVIRONMENT: As an individual we hardly do anything towards our environment. We don’t plant trees but yes we can save them by using the eBooks. If the demand for the eBooks would accentuate then the demand for papers for printing the books would decrease leading to less cutting of trees for the paper manufacturing.
  2. PROMPT: How many times have you waited eagerly for the new launch to be available in your nearest book store? Perhaps many times! With eBooks there is no wait. You can purchase and download them within minutes and start reading your favorite edition.
  3. VIRTUAL SPACING: You can use the space in your room for other purposes instead of using it for book shelves. EBooks do not take up any physical space. They are stored in the memory of your electronic device and you can keep it alive in your storage disks. They do not get old and their pages don’t get torn by regular reading. You can carry them easily while you are travelling. They won’t increase the weight of your luggage!
  4. INTERACTIVE: The eBooks are more interactive than the other books. It can contain audio, video and animations which enhance the value of the text. It seems that the words are talking to us. The message of the author seems more interacting and absorbing giving the exact meaning of the words.

The concept of ebooks has emerged to provide flexibility to the reader. There is no doubt in the fact that we are also spending a lot of time in front of our electronic devices such as computers and Smart phones then why not use it effectively for a purpose!

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